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Aeries Error - Connection failure…

When troubleshooting the issue… notice that this desktop is defaulting to WiFi….

Disconnect from the WiFi by clicking on the WiFi icon, from the list of WiFi available go to the connected WiFi (in this case it was the Secure Browser) and right click and disconnect. 

Wait a minute for the computer to reconnect to the network by the network connection. You will see a different icon (the computer screen with an icon- like shown below).

Once reconnected correctly, click on the new network connection icon and look for the WiFi (Secure Browser) and right click on it again, this time the option Connect and Properties was available.

Click on Properties, and go to the first tab - Connection, unclicked the option to automatically connect to this when it is close by. 

For good measure – go to the network settings and Disable the WiFi.