OUSD Email Setup for Outlook (Mac)
Posted by Dewayne Watson on 13 April 2017 03:33 PM

OUSD Email Setup for Outlook (Mac)




This document will walk you through the steps needed to configured Outlook 2016 (Mac) with any email account.

If you have any questions / trouble, please feel free to reach out to help desk at ext. 4357 or email




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Questions concerning this implementation should be directed to iMan Diaz (x4503)




Outlook 2016 Setup



  1. Opening Outlook:
    1. There are two ways to get Outlook opened – the icon may be kept on the dock (very bottom toolbar) or you may have to direct the user to locate the Outlook icon in the Applications folder.
      1. Dock:
        1. Have the user locate the icon on the Dock
        2. Have them click on it



  1. Applications Folder:
    1. Have the user click anywhere on the desktop that's not an icon to get to Finder on the Mac (you can verify this by looking in the top left corner – next to the Apple icon, to the right it should say Finder)
    2. Have them click on GO > Applications like in the image shown below.


  1. Once the Applications window is open – have them locate the Outlook icon and double click on it.


  1. Configuring Outlook 2016 with OUSD Exchange Account:
    1. If you are opening Outlook 2016 for the first time you should see the following windows – if you not you can skip down to step G


      Have them click Get Started



  1. Have them click on Sign In


  1. Have them enter their full email address in the provided field and click on Next





  1. Have them enter their email password in the field that appeared below their email- just like in the image shown below. Then click Sign In


  1. Have them select if they want a colorful or classic theme and click Continue



  1. Have them click on Start Using Outlook button – you are almost there!


  1. Adding the account – now that Outlook is open have the user click on Tools > Accounts like in the image shown below








  1. Click on the first option Exchange or Office 365 like in the image shown below.



  1. In the following window enter the information in the following format - then press Add Account:
    1. Email Address: (their full email address- which includes the
    2. Method: (leave as User Name and Password)
    3. Username: (just the first part of the email – don't put the part)
    4. Password: (the users password)




  1. After you press Add Account – the following field will appear below asking for the Server: enter in


You Are All Done! Congrats


  1. Added the Signature to Outlook:
    1. Click On Outlook on the top left of your screen and click Preferences








  1. Click on the Signatures Icon



  1. Have the user fill in their desired information for the signature / or have them fill it out. On the left hand side – you have a name for the signature – probably Standard be sure that the New Message and Replied have the name selected for the given signature – so when the user Creates a new message or replies- the right signature is attached.


  1. You can have the user press the Red dot at the top left corner of the Signature window to close it and return back to Outlook – if they want to exit outlook – have them Click on Outlook on the top left corner and select Quit Outlook or press CMD + Q.



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