OUSD Email Setup for Mac Mail
Posted by Dewayne Watson on 11 April 2017 03:35 PM

OUSD Email Setup for Mac Mail



This document will walk you through the steps needed to configure Mac's default mail client Mail with OUSD Exchange Email Accounts.

It's best to clarify with the user if they are trying to use Mac's default mail client Mail or Microsoft Outlook.

If they want to use Microsoft Outlook for Mac – please click on the following link to open that SOP.

Microsoft Outlook for Mac would be the preferred mail client to use – however their preferred preference is the only thing that matters.

If you have any questions / trouble, please feel free to reach out to the help desk at ext. 4357 or email





Contact Information

Questions concerning this implementation should be directed to iMan Diaz (x4503)

Mac Mail Setup


  1. Opening Mail:
    1. There are two ways to get Mail opened – the icon may be kept on the dock (very bottom toolbar) or you may have to direct the user to locate the Mail icon in the Applications folder.
      1. Dock:
        1. have the user locate the icon on the Dock
        2. have them click on it



  1. Applications Folder:
    1. Have the user click anywhere on the desktop that's not an icon to get to Finder on the Mac (you can verify this by looking in the top left corner – next to the Apple icon , to the right it should say Finder)
    2. Have them click on GO > Applications like in the image shown below.



 1. Once the Applications window is open – have them locate the Mail icon


  1. Adding the OUSD Exchange Account to Mail:
    1. Once Mail is open – have the click on Mail > Preferences



  1. Click on the Accounts Icon at the top – then click on the + sign button at the bottom left of the window



  1. Select Exchange from the list and click Continue

  1. Have the user fill in their full email address in the email field and password and press Continue


  1. You will see the following window – fill in the following information as such- then press Continue:
    1. Description: OUSD
    2. Server Address:


  1. Press Continue on the Account Summary window


  1. Be sure to have the user check all the boxes for Mail/ Contacts/ Calendar / Notes / Reminders and press Done.



  1. You'll now see the OUSD (Exchange) account on the right hand side of the list of accounts. Have the user press the Red dot on the top left of the window as shown below.


  1. On the right hand side – you will now see the OUSD Inbox under the mail Inbox – as shown in the image below





  1. You can now quit Mail by clicking on Mail on the top right and then pressing Quit Mail or pressing the CMD + Q keys.



Congratulations You Are All Done!

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